History of the club

The non-profit association “Club Land Rover Enthusiasts Bulgaria” was established on 13.10.2005 by 8 founding members. On that first meeting of institution the Managing Board was elected, consisting of three people – Chairman Zlati Zlatev, Yaroslav Atanasov and Valentin Dobrev; the Club’s by-laws were prepared and adopted. The funds for court registration of the association and the lawyer’s fee within BGN 400 total have been donated completely gratuitously by Valentin Dobrev. As regards the legal aspect – our Club is the only one of such nature in the off-road field (here I exclude the sports clubs), duly registered in court pursuant to the Bulgarian legislation and represents a legal entity under law. Naturally all necessary documents have been filed on time and all necessary documents– court decision, BULSTAT card, certificate of current standing and By-laws – are present and certified by court.

The membership, initially numbering 8, is already 85 people. Thanks to the collected membership fees Club Cards were made and distributed, certifying the membership. For the latest and newest members such cards will be prepared.

During the years the Club carried out an active expedition and environmental activity. Since its establishment outings and even two-day-long events were organized, initially with the purpose of recreation and entertainment. Since 2007, first through the Environmental Certification Program, then through immediate work with the National Parks Directorate for the mountains Pirin, Rila and the Central Balkans we have strived to build lasting and mutually beneficial relations, which in the future shall keep the doors before our members open for an approved access to these Parks. The renovations to the Cobilino branishte shelter in Rila mountain, the putting up of benches and tables both inside and outside Central Balkan park on the territory of the Balkan mountains, cleaning up Botev peak, participation in the fixing of warning signs above Kalofer town, cleaning up Pirin, all these permanently mark us as nature preservers. This policy was pursued very intentionally and purposefully aiming for all of us in the future, as people who have proven their sympathy, to be able to have regulated and controlled automobile access to the Protected Territories, while observing the required limitations.

For the first time in 2009 the Club held a National Land Rover meeting in Kouprivshtitza. It was accompanied by an elaborate program including a General Assembly of the Club.
With respect to financing of the Club, in 2007 and 2008 funds were granted by the Moto Pfohe company, spent mainly for materials and supplies for environmental projects. This year BGN 2000 were agreed from Enel Maritza Istok 3 for purchasing Club instruments and materials, but they still haven’t been utilized. For the first time in 2009 a membership fee was collected, within BGN 60 annually.

The sports activities of our Club were initiated in the beginning of 2009. There were three participants in the Expert class of the National Championship – Roussi Roussev, Viktor Mechkarov and Rouslan Trifonov, and one in Adventure class – Slavi Slavov. At the final team ranking for 2009 for the Championship to BFAS /Bulgarian federation for automobile sport/ we ended in 5th place. The three competitors in Expert class also represent our Sports committee, which has the authority to decide whether and under what form in the future to participate in any kinds of off-road championships and competitions, and also to decide whether to be licensed for the new Championship under BFAS.

Owing to the support by Moto Pfohe our Club enjoys privileges when purchasing spare parts and discounts for labour, the right to a once a year free check-up of the automobiles of the members, insurance discounts and others.